LED (Light Emitting Diode) walls provide superior displays in churches of all sizes thanks to a variety of affordable options on the market. Providing superior picture quality, LED walls are made up of pixels that use a backlight to render colors and images. DLP and LCD projectors use mirrors or prisms to send light to a surface from a distance. There are challenges in using traditional projector technology that make an LED wall an excellent option when it is time to replace your old projector, no matter what size your church happens to be.

Superior Quality

The gold standard for screen technology is currently OLED. But this emerging technology is not yet ready for the size of the wall that most churches need, and it is cost prohibitive. LED walls may have started becoming popular in Mega churches, but churches of any size can get in on the superior quality as the technology becomes more affordable and a great value for the quality. LED wall panels are brighter, visuals are clearer, and colors are more vivid. Because LED walls are their own source of light, images are not distorted as they are with a projector. Brightness can also be adjusted to prolong display life and save energy as well.


The initial investment for an LED wall is about 15%-20% then a complete projection setup. However, the gap is narrowed by the usable life of each technology. The median lamp life for a standard projector is 25,000 hours while the industry standard LED wall panel life is 100,000 hours- That’s four times as long as a projector. Additionally, LED walls require less upkeep and half the power over time. A maximum of 10’ x 16’ viewing space would be an appropriate size for most medium size churches. This can easily be accomplished using multiple LED wall panels. This depends on the dimensions of the seating area, specifically depth. Consider reaching out to a professional to gain wisdom on your LED wall purchase.

Ease of Use

Anyone who has needed to mount a projector to a ceiling knows the frustrations involved. Everything from leveling and stabilizing the unit to changing a bulb can be difficult, and sometimes dangerous. With an LED wall, the thin, light panels can be installed and even moved with relative ease. Since they are their own sources of light, you don’t have to worry about ambient light in the room affecting picture quality. You can place your LED wall exactly where it can be best seen, even if natural light shines on some of it. LED walls can even be set up on curved walls, something impossible to do with projectors due to distortion. If needed, LED panels can be swapped out easily, too.

LED wall panels have become the new normal when it comes to large format displays in churches of all sizes. Not only do they outperform projectors in quality and longevity, but they are also versatile and easier to use, making an LED wall a viable option for the medium-sized church.